11 Amazing Benefits of Ball Hockey

Have you ever seen a game of ball hockey? Maybe you’ve been intrigued by the action and wondered if the sport is for you. There are certainly many benefits to playing this interesting team sport.

Ball hockey is similar to ice hockey in many respects. Each team has five players, and the rules of the game are almost identical. However, ball hockey is played without skates on a non-ice surface, and an orange ball replaces the iconic ice hockey puck. Essentially, the game’s objective is to shoot the ball into the net of the opposing team to score the most points.

Read on to learn some great benefits of this exciting sport.

Photo by Mikel Parera on Unsplash

1. It doesn’t cost much to get started.

The other advantage for your bank account is that registration fees for ball hockey leagues are typically two to three times lower compared to fees for ice hockey.

2. It builds community.

With the popularity of the sport, you should have no trouble finding a league to join. Whether you’re playing on a team or sitting in the stands supporting your family, you will make lasting friendships.

3. It has aerobic benefits.

With regular participation, you’ll have stronger bones and muscles and increased flexibility. Speaking of muscles, you’ll be working your abdomen, calves, forearms, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and triceps. Not a bad workout at all!

4. It burns calories.

Considering these numbers, it’s no wonder that the sport can help you get rid of excess fat and reduce your body weight. Of course, regular play will support you in maintaining a healthy body weight as well.

5. It supports sleep.

6. It’s easy to play.

7. It can lead to a sense of achievement.

8. Anyone can play.

9. It can train your brain.

10. It improves mental health.

11. It promotes an active lifestyle.

In closing

community arena. You’re looking forward to connecting with the other players on your team and taking your place in the exciting game that lies ahead. At the end of the night, you know you’ll come home tired and happy.

Life coach, Investor and Avid Traveler Amandeep Khun-Khun

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