The International Street & Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF) acts as a governing body and dictates the rules and regulations for how both street hockey and ball hockey are played worldwide. Additionally, the organization operates and arranges international competitions for all age groups, including juniors, masters, and seniors as well as for both men’s and women’s teams.

Founded in 1993, the ISBHF originated in Oshawa, Canada with an aim to unify all street and ball hockey players under the same rules. …

Headquartered in Switzerland, the International Weightlifting Federation is a nonprofit organization meant to control and oversee the sport of weightlifting worldwide. Since its founding in 1905, the group has represented athletes from five continents and provided rules and regulations on how the sport should be performed. The International Olympic Committee recognizes the federation as the exclusive governing body for the sport of weightlifting internationally.

With the aim of unifying all weightlifters under a single set of standards, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) includes 188 member federations, each from a different country. Each country’s member federation ensures that its athletes and…

Commercial real estate investor and advisor Amandeep Khun-Khun follows a healthy lifestyle. Amandeep Khun-Khun performs a weightlifting routine five times a week and engages in a daily mindfulness meditation practice to achieve physical and mental well-being.

Mindfulness meditation is a restorative practice that encourages focus on the present moment. Several studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can trigger long-term changes in brain structure and function.

Frequent mediation increases activity and density in brain areas associated with emotional regulation and concentration. Meditation also strengthens neural connections between the pons, a part of the brain stem, and other areas of the brain…

Amandeep Khun-Khun

Investor and Avid Traveler Amandeep Khun-Khun

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